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White wool vest.

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The design of this vest is oriented towards eliminating pre-consumer waste derived from its manufacturing process. Its unique pattern guarantees zero fabric waste. Also, it is proudly produced by APRAMP, an organization dedicated to ensuring dignity, rights and freedom for women who suffer  from human trafficking or social exclusion.

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100% Organic Wool




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Neutrals, White


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How it's made


Supporting Women

Sidikai  are committed to always having at least one piece from the collection being produced by a social integration project led by organizations or businesses supporting women. Right now they are working with APRAMP, an organization focused on helping women who suffer sexual exploitation and human trafficking. The organization help them recover their freedom and dignity, asserting their rights, and making them able to begin a life outside of the control and abuse of their exploiters. They have created a formative program to give the women sewing skills so that they are able to provide professional workshop services.

Zero Waste

This product leaves no waste behind. The pattern is design to create 0% pre-consumer waste.

Sidikai have committed to work towards making their pre-consumer waste go from 3% to 0%. This current collection has an overall 3% waste except this product, the Zero-Waste Vest which generates 0% textile waste in the production process.

All of Sidikai’s design is built on the No Waste principle, trying to make a result of nearly no waste at all. By focusing on highly innovative patterns, they reduce waste to the max.  All items are produced, on demand as Made to Order, not before you order them, which also saves the environment from overproduction   For the patterning and production of the garments we have worked closesly with García Pereda to come up with the most waste-reducing patterns, speding time with their team at their premises to also build a strong personal relationship.

The small amounts of scrap material that is left in the other production is upcycled and made into one of a kind pieces. They will be featured at JF whenever there is enough scraps to make one.

Excellent working conditions

This product is made in Spain, in a small workshop in Madrid. All workers are considered a part of the Sidikai team, they get fair pay and all social benefits.  The process is close and open, and the entrepreneur herself is head seamstress of the facility, which houses 10-15 workers.

Supporting traditional skills

Working with APRAMP and their workshop makes sure that new artisans are trained, and that economic growth are given to their local community.


This product is grown in compliance with organic agricultural standards that protect the environment and wildlife. Natural methods are used to manage soil quality, diseases, and other issues that arise during the farming process. It is not made with use of synthetic fertilizers or herbicides that strip land of nutrients, and artificial chemicals and GM (Genetically Modified) crops are banned.

Organic products do not produce sewage sludge or ionizing radiation, and the organic materials have been sourced with use of natural pesticides. The treatment of the material is also chemical free and holistic. All products are produced by two small Italian supplyers, both GOTS certified.

Low Carbon Footprint

By doing all their production in and around Madrid, and sourcing materials as close to home as possible, Sidikai save a lot of travel miles and carbon emission in the production process.

Working towards reducing Transport Footprint

Sidikai’s goal is to establish a separate hub in each geographic area they’ve got customers, in order to function as distribution point to maximize the carbon-saving efficiency of every mile traveled. They are currently working on establishing a north-american, south-american and far-east Hub.


Non Toxic

All of Sidikai’s fabrics are certified GOTS and use no chemical products hazardous to environment. The fabric is only dyed with natural dyes.


Your purchase can be returned to Sidikai at any given moment in the future to be “retouched” and given it a second life. Also, every product carries a tag with instructions of how to take care of it and make it last.

Water Saving

The fabric suppliers Sidikai work with have water saving plans in the fabric production process. Water also goes through a depurator which minimize the water consumtion. The implant is able to treat all the water used during the production process and bringing it back to its original state. It consists of two oxygenated basins, in which the bacteria from the sludge attack the majority of the harmful substances, and a third process composed of a sand filter and three carbon active filters. The active carbon filters all the water, guaranteeing maximum efficiency in eliminating the dyes and soaps used in the production process. This way the company is able to recover at least 50% of its industrial drain waters, which is equivalent to 30 000 cubic meters of the initial consumption annually.

Energy Saving

The fabric supplier have istalled a photovoltaic system which minimizes the Co2 emission, which are used during the production process. The sun’s currently provides 20% of the energy supply necessary for the mill. Technically, 930 photovoltaic Sharp modules have been installed covering 1530 square metres of surface area. The highest power reached by the implant is equal to 195,30 kwp, and these parameters have been defined to guarantee the reduction of harmful gases and the greenhouse effect. The producers are also currently working to get an energy optimization certification.


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