Umeå Ring Tong


Handmade ring in brass. Tong means gold in Thai.

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The UMEÅ collection is inspired by street fashion, hip hop and the creative environment around and in Umeå in Sweden.

Produced in

Bangkok, Thailand



Brass is an yellow alloy (mix) of copper and zinc. It has been manufactured for thousand of years in many parts of the world. It is often used for decorations due to it’s bright gold-like appearance. Brass is nickel free.

Brass is a living material that changes over time. It darkens and gets patina which makes each item unique, but if you want your jewelry to be as bright as when you bought it, it’s easy to polish, just look at the Care-information.

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Jewelry Sizes

M, S

Why you should buy this


Good working condition

The casted jewelry is made by a small family-owned production site with around 60 workers, located in Bangkok. We are in the process of mapping out more about this production site and to know them extensively. We know that the site pay their workers minimum wage, overtime pay and that they have two days off pr week. Johanna has been working with this factory from the establishment of her label, almost 6 years ago, and they have been involved in the desing and production-process from early on in each collection. To know a culture and to know how you get under the surface takes time, so this in an ongoing process.

Supporting traditional skills

The casting process uses same technique and materials as used when casting Buddha-statues made for temples. Over time, generations of creative artisans built a tradition of craftsmanship around brass – a craft tradition that today only exists in a few places in the world. In 2009 Johanna established her label with artisans in Thailand as partners from the start.

Controlled and minimal use of chemicals

The factory have good and controlled processes with the small amount of chemicals used in the casting process

To track the raw material, however, seems to be a difficult and long process and we do not yet know where the brass and silver is from and how it is treated along the way. According to common perception, 90 % of the brass reserves are recycled. We will try to track the raw material and find out how to make this process open and transparent for everybody.

Waste reduction

All excess brass and silver from the casting process is sent to a bigger site for cleansing. Waste material is separated from the brass and silver and the raw material goes back to the factory to be melted into new products.



S: 1,6 cm diameter, beetle: 3,5 * 2 cm
M: 1,8 cm diameter, beetle: 3,5 * 2 cm


How to clean

The easiest way to polish your jewelry is to use ordinary copper and brass polish for the brass and silver polish for the silver. Polishes can be found at any good paint and hobby shop. You can also try to polish with ketchup or lemon juice for the brass.

How to use and store your jewelry

The bracelets and rings are easy to shape into desired shape and size. Brass and silver are soft and flexible metals, but be sure to still be careful.

  • Warm up the jewelry with body heat, making it less brittle.
  • Carefully bend to the required size. Do not break!
  • Be extra careful with the jewelry that you bend frequently, such as bracelets to get on and off. Brass and silver is durable, but still a little fragile.
  • Use the supplied small box or a jewelry box for storing.
  • Avoid
  1. Storing your jewelry in direct sunlight
  2. Storing your jewelry in moist environments, such as bathrooms
  3. Bathe or shower with your jewelry

If your jewelry brakes

If a chain or something else breaks, please feel free to tell us at! You have a one year warranty on all jewelry, and during this time Johanna will repair your items for free.

Most importantly, wear your jewelry with lots of love!



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