White Tassel charm in Salmon and cow leather
Tassel charm in Salmon and cow leather

Tassel Charm White


Tassel charm with silver hook.

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Product Description

Tassel charm with salmon leather detail. Shiny silver hook

Produced in

Portugal and Iceland


Cow leather.
Salmon leather.
Silver hook.



Also available in: Red, Dusty Pink, Purple, Grey, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Metallic Black and Black

Additional Information



How it's made

Great working conditions

Eben has a close knit relationship with the family factory in Portugal and visits them each season. Working conditions, payments and safety are all controlled and following European standards.

The Icelandic factory as also small, and only have 22 workers. They all get every benefit that national law at Iceland require, from maternity leave to yearly leave and living wages. They also have their own workers union at the factory.

Use of organic holistic leather and holistic leather

In Ebens bags there are used fish-leather and cow or reindeer-leather. All three leathers are waste material from the food industry, and would otherwise be thrown away. The fishleather is a mix of  fish from wild fishing and fish farming. The cow-leather is guaranteed from livestock and the reindeer-leather is from hunting within quota in Finland, where reindeer are semi-domesticated animals, and an introduced species.

Low Toxic

All leathers are tanned using chrome, but use is kept to a minimum and treated  in a controlled manner where no chemicals run out into the agricultural landscape, and everything is stored and disposed in a proper manner.

Saving Energy and water

The Icelandic factory have a great advantage, being situated in a country with geothermal sources. Tanning and coloration processes require abundant hot water, but here, the energy comes from a renewable resources. Their electricity comes from a hydroelectric power station, and they rince the water before they disscard it.

Reducing waste through up-cycling

By using leather that otherwise would be thrown away as waste, Eben reduces waste.


Width: 2 cm
Length: 8 cm


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