Outlaw Sports Club Scarf


The best sports club to be a part of! Get yourself an Outlaw Sport Club Scarf

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Outlaw Sporting Club written on both beige and red side. Outlaw Sports Club logo on each end on both sides.

Produced in

Moscow, Russia


60% Wool 40% Polyester


Red side and beige side with white and black text and logo


Additional information


beige, Red

How it's made



Small scale production

This product is made in Outlaw Moscow’s studio in Russia. Every piece is made by hand and made to last in your wardrobe for a long time.

Supporting traditional skills

By choosing a studio based production, Outlaw Moscow secure an old way of doing production that needs to be kept alive. It combines traditional material knowledge with modern design and solid craftsmanship. It also supports and creates work for local craftswomen and men, and gives economic growth to their community.

Reducing waste and cutting volumes with Made to Order

This item is produced, on demand, not before you order it, which also saves the environment from overproduction. It also elevates the value of each product and helps reducing waste and cutting volumes. It is a new way of going back to the old way!

High quality equals durability

This product, made from high quality raw material chosen from trusted suppliers, is made to last a long time. They also offer customization, making it personal and elevating the value of each piece.

Excellent working conditions

The production team consists of a staff of eight people responsible for all the pieces. All tailors get fairly pay for their work. The working process is close and open, and everybody involved are part of the small Outlaw Moscow team.

Raw material

Outlaw Moscow are working with trusted suppliers to find the highest most durable quality for their design. Fabrics are bought where it is best sourced, insulation from Siberia, camel fur and wool locally, and the high quality synthetics and cotton bought from trusted suppliers in Europe.

In regards to replacing this with sustainable sourced ones instead, this is a process we hope we can help Outlaw with. The most important issue will always be quality, if the sustainable material is not up to par, it’s better to choose the one that last the longest.

Their focus will always be to create cutting edge design, seeking to redefine luxury and challenge what a brand is. Art will always be a part of it, not creating something just for the sake of creating, but because it has a purpose and meaning. They are unique clothing made in fantastic materials, and it is about fashion, but never only about fashion.


One size


Professional Dry Clean or gentle wool/silk machine program with wool detergent.


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