Draped T-shirt


Classic T-shirt with draping in front and back.

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  • Short raglan style sleeves
  • Draping at the neck and shoulders, both front and back
  • Rounded shirt hemline

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60% Cupro 40% Viscose rayon




Handwash or machine wash on silk/wool program with mild detergent

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One Size



How it's made

Good working conditions

Too Damn Expensive only work with one manufacturer, a small family driven Chinese factory that Designer Elisabeth visits with each new collection. The relationship is consistent and close, despite the distance between Norway and China. The label has a plan to get an even closer working relationship with them in time. It is difficult to find a factory delivering the highest quality, who is also willing to work with small batch production, so staying and working with them over time is essential. Therefore we can, for now, say that Elisabeth and TDE are working with a factory where the working conditions are good, where they only have permanent employees and never use agency labour, and where there are guaranteed no child labour, forced labour or underpay. The factory also visit their sub-suppliers for monitoring purposes annually and also supply them with social/welfare expertise.


This product does not contain any animal material, or by-products from animals.

Semi-Synthetic Fabric – Not the best choice

This raw material is better than some, but not even close to the best sustainable choice on the marked. First we will tell you the features that are not so good, at the bottom you will find the good qualities.
Both Rayon and Cupro fall under the group known as semi-synthetic fabrics, which are made of cellulose fibers. They have many strong features and make the base of quality products, but To Damn Expensive will not use this material for future collections.

Made of wood pulp, in this case a by-product from industrial, agricultural, or commercial production. Though Rayon uses renewable resources that can benefit the environment during growth, the process used to extract the cellulose to make rayon uses harmful chemicals. Carbon disulfide, a highly toxic chemical, known to be a human reproductive hazard, is used as a solvent in the beginning of the process. Ammonia, caustic soda, sodium hydroxide, sulphuric acid, and acetone are also commonly used in the process to extract the cellulose from the wood pulp.

Cupro is derived from an often overlooked part of the cotton plant: cotton linter, which are by-product of the industrial harvest of cotton (waste fibers too small to spin). Before Cupro, cotton linter was often discarded as an unusable bit of cotton. Cupro is made using a solution including copper sulfate and aqueous ammonia. It  is produced in a ‘closed loop’ which means the chemicals used can be extracted after and the water reused and therefore have a lower environmental impact.

Good features

  • Rayon fabric is an extremely versatile fabric and can imitate cotton, wool, silk, and linen in texture and feel. It feels soft and is highly breathable.
  • Cupro is very efficient in moderating moisture in absorption and release. The fiber has very tiny pores that absorb moisture quickly and just as quickly release it again. This is great news for comfort, body odor, and wash cycles.
  • Cupro is great for temperature regulation. To keep you cool in summer, moisture absorbed by the fibers pulls your body heat to the outside where it is released. In cold environments, Cupro can retain your body heat, again utilizing the water absorbed by the fibers as a regulator.
  • Cupro is antistatic, unlike silk. The moisture in the fibers prevents static electricity from collecting and building up.
  • Cupro is very forgiving to sensitive skin. In fact, studies have found that Cupro is more agreeable for people with sensitive skin than silk.
  • Cupro is often marked as biodegradable, since it quite quickly biodegrades, but not within our standard. The process and the fabric still contains chemicals and can not be composted with other organic matter to later become soil.



One Size. Equals a size 38.



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