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Double You Perfume is a 100% natural product that consists of two seperate perfumes, Double You Zanzibar and DoubleYou Norwege. The two scents have been developed so that they work separately but also harmonize and can be mixed together to create your own customized version. This perfume has a very high concentration of perfume, so high that it is actually above the criteria for calling it “Eau de parfum.”

How to describe DoubleYou Zanzibar?

Imagine traveling around on this tropical island. The smell of spices, heat and burning wood mixed with the tropical scent of flowers and water yields a very dynamic fragrance. We find notes of tobacco, coffee, cloves, leather and sandal wood. You can feel the vibrating air over hot asphalt, the pitch dark nights of this mysterious island with its brutal history, but you also get the feeling of lowering yourself in the crisp, clean Indian Ocean, instantly being surrounded by tropical fish in all shapes and colours.

Head note

Geranium, Clove, Cinnamon, Leather, Siam Wood, Coffee, Cedarwood

Heart note

Oak, Rose, Cardamom, Blackcurrant buds, Ginger

Base note

Sandalwood, Cinnamon

Produced in



Barnabe Fillion


100 % certified organic and natural plants, only soaked in alcohol and hydro glycerine alcohol.

how it's made


Supporting Traditional Skills

The way DoubleYou Perfume is developed demands a high degree of knowledge that origins from the old way of extracting and harvesting plants from nature. Know-how and skills of each of the ten member of the Anthis Laboratory is important for the quality of the end product.

Excellent working conditions

DoubleYou perfume is produced in a village in France by 10 specialists on plants and organic perfume. They are producers, processors, herbalists, botanists, ethno-botanists and all work as independent craftsmen. They founded The Acanthis Laboratory in 2004

100 % biodegradable

The organic perfume will of course float together with your skin and make a unique sent, and the bottle is made out of glass and can be disposed into a glass recycling binn.

Non Toxic

This product is made with only organic components collected from nature and treated with natural methods, only soaked in alcohol and hydro glycerine alcohol.

Low Transport Footprint

DoubleYou Perfume is harvested and treated at the same place in France. Therefore there has been no time and energy used to transport raw material or byproducts for production. The only carbon emission used, it the transportation from France to Norway when the product was finaliced.

100 % organic

This is a certified organic product, ECOCERT, Certification Agriculture Biologique


There are no use of animal product or byproduct from animals in DoubleYouPerfume or its packaging


Eau de Parfum 30 ml



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