Bracelet Pave in Gold with Diamonds


Bracelet in gold with Lab Grown diamonds.

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Bracelet Solitaire in 18 carat gold and Lab Grown diamond.

This product is Made To Order, which means that it is produced for YOU and only after confirmed order. It will take Innocent Stone 15 – 20 days to make your product so remember to add this to the shipping time.

Produced in

Hong Kong, China


18 carats gold 24.82 g
Lab grown diamonds 1.48 carats


Choose between yellow gold, white gold and rose gold

Cut Round
Color G
Clarity VS

Diamond set Claws

Additional information

Jewelry Sizes

One Size


Gold, Rose Gold, White Gold

How it's made


Excellent working conditions

Both the workshop and the laboratory in Hong Kong have controlled and good working conditions with living wage.

Supporting Traditional Skills

All pieces are assembled and completed by hand, using traditional methods and craftsmanship.

New Technology disrupting old ways of doing things

The mine extraction of a natural diamond uses a lot of energy, is polluting and often connected to childrens labour, exhausting working days, very low salaries and the migration of populations living near these mines. The innocent Stone project aim is to reduce the negative impacts caused by mining and saving people’s lives through disrupting an industry with bad rooted traditions. It is very hard to trace the origin of a mined diamond and to make sure it doesn’t come from an unlawful market feeding civil wars.

Ground breaking innovation

Natural diamonds are made of carbon. They form when this chemical is faced with high
temperature and pressure at depths of 150 to 100 kilometers in the earth’s mantle. Innocent Stone and their partners in Hong Kong can now replicate these conditions in laboratories. A small diamond seed is placed into a tightly controlled environment where the rough diamond forms, atom upon atom, layer after layer, re-creating the natural process.


This product does not contain any animal material or byproduct from animals.


The innocent Stone project aim is to reduce the negative impacts caused by mined gold by reducing the demand for new gold. By the end of 2015, existing gold stocks represent 65 years worth of mining production. According to statistics, in 2015, 270 tons of gold were recycled and the European consumption of gold did not exceed 200 tons.

28% of the gold used yearly is recycled, notably from gold smelting, but this is not enough. Innocent Stone’s jewels are all made from recycled gold.

Water and energy saving

The mining industry brings a very strong carbon footprint, an excessive water, electric and toxic chemicals use, deforestation, pillaging of natural resources, the destruction of ecosystems and contributes to the global warming. By making lab grown diamonds of the same quality as the traditional ones, Innocent Stone saves water, energy and reduced the carbon footprint.

The production of these diamonds use very little energy, especially compared to the gross energy consumption of traditional mining.

Waste reduction

All jewelry cases, display units and bag are made from recycled paper, organic cotton and vegetable-based ink. They are either recyclable or biodegradable and will not end up as waste in landfills.

High Quality

Lab grown diamonds are strictly identical to natural occurring diamonds, their only difference being their formation. A lab grown synthetic diamond is manmade but its physical or optical characteristics are identical to a mine diamond, including its chemical composition, its refractive index and the 4Cs. The 4Cs are the elements determining the price of our diamonds: Colour, Carat, Cut and Clarity. To the naked eye or even with a 10X loupe, it is impossible to see the difference.

Like natural diamonds, they are certified by prestigious gem labs such as the IGI (International Gemological Institute) and the HRD (Hoge Raad poor Diamant). However, the consumer will see a big cost difference, since our Innocent Stone diamonds cost 40% less than the mine ones.



One Size – One pair. Pure repurposed gold.

Height / Width / Thickness 60 x 62 x 20 mm




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