Ethical what?

Our thoughts on ethics and our work

We think you should be able to forget all about ethics. We think you should be able to think about great products, what you need and that you can be sure it lasts. This is our goal.

We firmly believe that the concept of “ethical” can be a fashion bonus, not a sacrifice, and we aim to be your online destination for high quality contemporary sustainable design! We want to call it New Luxury, because to have a story behind every product is sure a luxury in this fast pacing world of fashion.

We make sure that our designers follow a route. We also know that we have found collaborators who really want to change things.

Our designers try to see every level of details that lies in a production line. Like: How to get a factory to see that they can trust a designer? How to find a good system for a product to go full circle, so that it never ends up at landfills? Is it possible that leather is better than polyester in a production, since it last a lifetime? Is high quality polyester better than silk or viscose in trousers we sit, “swosh” and get up and down in? And how to truly get other cultures? To understand that there are so many different angles and people in this world, and one must understand that along the way. This is part of how we think and work.

When you purchase something at Just Fashion, you support our designer directly, and you support us in our work with them. You also make us able to find new interesting talents to work with, to broaden our selection of products, one designer at the time.