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Khategat is a small family-driven sustainable streetwear label, delivering quirky and different hand screen printed design.

Family cooperation

All of Khategat’s products are made by hand in their studio in Poland.  Since it’s a family business  everything becomes really flexible, and all production starts in the tight collaboration between the three.

Khategat sustainable streetwear
Khategat sustainable streetwear

Hand screen printing

An important part of Khategat’s collections are the screen printing process. Traditional skills are very important to the small team, and to create unique designs they use old hand screen printing methods, and only use nontoxic water paint in the process. The patterns are created in small batches since the company never wants to mass produce anything.

Khategat and head designer Patrycja see it as very important to revive techniques that are in danger of disappearing. They want to fight the fast pace of the fashion business today, and feel that what is most needed in our time is to try to create something with a slow process and encourage other to do so too.

khategat sustainable hand screen printed design
khategat sustainable hand screen printed design

Raw material

Most of Khategat’s products are vegan and they never use genuine leather or fur. The only material of animal origin is the use of wool for coats and sweaters. They also use organic cotton when possible, working towards a full organic sourcing in time.