Visual poster Double You Perfume made by Esra Roise
Just Fashion symbol no fur
Just Fashion symbol no leather
Just Fashion symbol vegan
Just Fashion symbol biodegradable
Just Fashion symbol low carbon footprint
Just Fashion symbol non toxic
Just Fashion symbol organic
Just Fashion symbol labour welfare pluss
Just Fashion symbol supporting traditional skills

Double You Perfume follows a respectful production process, based on pure, natural ingredients. They believe that this is the only way to be true to themselves as a brand, and nature’s resources. This method requires more time and commitment when compared to an easy, cost-reducing synthetic approach, but the result,however, is extremely rewarding.


The beginning

Double You was founded in 2010 by Norwegian Cathrine Røsseland. Its aim is to create exclusive artisanal products and stimulate artistic expressions that explore, express, and celebrate your senses. First out is the organic perfume named Double You.
Growing up with her mother in mountainous Western Norway, Cathrine had always considered herself to be half-Norwegian and half-African. As Tanzania was the birthplace of her father, exploring her African side was a logical, though difficult exercise for her. When trying to make place for her African roots, it had always seemed as if she had to give up on some of her Norwegian identity.

To her great surprise and joy, the trip made Cathrine discover that there was room for more than just the two halves, and that she was more whole as a person when allowing the African side to be included. She felt more than half-half, even more than whole, she felt double, and the name of the brand was born.


Designer Cathrine Rosseland
The designer Cathrine Rosseland


Norway and Zanzibar

Inspired by a journey through Tanzania and Zanzibar in Autumn 2009, Cathrine Røsseland came up with the idea to create a sense-exploring collaborative project that would capture the impressions and expressions of this memorable trip.

The brand has a strong belief that the conscious consumer will recognize and appreciate the qualities that an approach like this gives back to the product and in turn to the customer.


“To truly celebrate the senses one needs to understand their roots, their origins, and treat them with the same humility and respect, as we need to apply to our relationship with other people and nature itself. –Only by applying the methods of a true artisan, we can fully enjoy nature’s resources”




Products from Double You Perfume