bits and pieces female and male model in black sweatshirts with grey pattern
Just Fashion symbol no fur
Just Fashion symbol no leather
Just Fashion symbol vegan
Just Fashion symbol biodegradable
Just Fashion symbol low toxic
Just Fashion symbol labour welfare

Sweatshirts and t-shirts with one-of-a-kind patterns. Each pattern is created from randomness, through a pattern generator built using processing programming language. It catches and illustrates a unique moment that can never be recreated, and the process is infinite.


Unique pattern

Bits and Pieces is an interdisciplinary collaborative project with the aim to experiment using new technologies within art and design and challenge production capacities by bringing together diverse knowledge and practices. This first attempt has materialized into T-shirts and sweatshirts. Each of the patterns exists only on one size garment and has a code to guarantee uniqueness.


bits and pieces sweatshirt shown by the band the roop
bits and pieces sweatshirt shown by the band the roop


Future plans

Bits and Pieces work in projects, and right now they are moving on to new ones. This means that the sweatshirts and t-shirts left are the only ones, and there are no plans to make new ones in the future. You will however support their new projects within sustainable clothing design.

bits and pieces in the summer
bits and pieces in the summer