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Apollonius is an Oslo based menswear brand with a vision to create streetwear and masculine apparel with a touch of feminine aesthetics.


Slow fashion streetwear

Apollonius work on how to make basic garment thrilling. The label uses high quality comfortable textiles, and the goal is to give everyday-garment a new twist.


From showcasing SS16 in Denmark at CIFF
From showcasing SS16 in Denmark at CIFF


“For everyday use it’s essential to feel good in the clothes you wear, they should be comfortable to wear and they should make you feel unique. The fit and the fabric are important as well as comfort and style”


Streetwear with handprint

Eye-catching details are central but in the matters of discretion and in a clean way, by using exciting fabrics and hand made prints. With urban landscape and streetwear as main inspiration source, Apollonius gives basic menswear pieces a soft but masculine silhouette and minimalistic lines.

The beginning

Apollonius was founded in 2013 by the Norwegian designer Emma Liljedahl. The name a p o l l o n i u s originates from Liljedahls great-great-great-grandfather named Apollonius Liljedahl.

Emma has showcased her collections at New York Fashion Week for several seasons, after receiving an invitation from Fashion Gallery in 2013, and also explored the possibilities of doing her production in New York.

Designer behind Apollonius Clothing Emma Linjedahl with her dog Kodac
Designer behind Apollonius Clothing Emma Linjedahl with her dog Kodak

So far, she has landed on keeping all her clothing Made To Order, which is something Just Fashion loves and appreciates, since it prevents overproduction, and gives our customers a great feeling of being taken care of personally by the designer. This kind of production also makes it possible to alter products if customers have special needs or measurements they want to add to their order.