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Amorina&Mia are inspired by Nordic culture, with a Portuguese’s signature.


Portuguese Craftsmanship

Amorina&Mia only use exceptional Portuguese handmade craftsmanship in the production of their shoes. It is all done in Portugal, mostly on demand, and with leather from Portuguese livestock.


Sibling team

The brother and sister-team Valter and Vanda Marques wanted to use their Portuguese heritage to infuse the long tradition of shoemaking from their country with modern yet classic design. So they started their label Amorina&Mia in 2014.

Their family have been rooted in business and both wanted to start their own as well. Valter is the Financial Director, with a background in business management, while Vanda is the Head of Design, with a background in achitecture.


The start

Two big events made the start of  Amorina&Mia, Vanda moving to Norway and a business trip to Asia. The trip to Asia was the starting point, moving to Norway created the concept.

Coming from a place with a lot of brands making shoes, and arriving in a cold place, with snow and cold winters, Vanda figured out that the winter market has less offer than the other seasons.

 “Winter in norway is longer that other countries. We saw that in nordic countries, we have something to introduce, something to offer. Why not create a New Brand? A brand with a nordic concept with a portuguese’s signature?”

And so the journey began.

Five seasons in, and their line of products are slowly and organically growing. We welcome them to our family, and hope you will make these babies walk!

Vanda Marques from amorina&mia
Vanda Marques from amorina&mia


Made to Order shoes

Amorina&Mia started out with a mission to become a luxury brand, produced slowly, with care for raw material, process and the craftsmanship that lies behind great shoes. Therefore, the thought of doing shoes on demand, after you make your purchase, didn’t seem that farfetched. For now, a part of the collection is pre-produced in small orders, and the rest is made on demand.

The design team has a great eye for the classic shoe that can be worn for seasons to come. They are made to fit cold climates but at the same time to keep their lightweight design with a feminine tough.