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The story of Hekne



Each HEKNE collection carries the colours of a selected bird. This way the label connects each collection to nature and give themselves restrictions that elevates their universe.




Careful in all they do

HEKNE was established in 2013 by Anja Birgitte Daatland Hekne and Siglinde Maria Lunde, two childhood friends. The fall 2016 collection was their first, which also is a testament to the two women’s planning skills, doing every bit of their production with people and planet in mind. Spring 17 they launched their second collection.

Anja has a BA degree in Fashion Design from Ravensbourne College in London and has studied Marketing Management at CPHbusiness in Copenhagen. Siglinde has studied PR and marketing at BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo.


Connected to nature

HEKNE is all about the slow way of producing, and they find their inspiration in the organic harmony of nature. They want to take part in changing the pattern of overconsumption, focusing instead on small classic collections which can, both in quality and cut, last more than one season.

Skagen Coat in dark brown organic Wool
Skagen Coat in dark brown organic Wool

Early fall 17 Hekne updated their universe with two classics, off course built with organic and recycled materials, and every bit produced under organized and good conditions in a small factoriy in Lithuania. The two-piece capsule is inspired by the Mallard

The mallard
The mallard

See full collection from Hekne here

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3 Ways to style our Turtleneck

Our turtleneck sweaters are from the Norwegian brand Håvarstein and made in either 100% merino wool or a Merino, silk and Cashmere-blend. Here we give you three different ways to take your sweater out on the town.


With a 70’s twist


Products: Merino/silk/cashmere blend beige brown turtleneck from Håvarstein, Lemon Zest Pumps, Small horn necklace, Lamb skin vegetable tanned saddle bag (only in physical store for now) and Horn brass ring, (Illustration image: Pinterest via 


The sleek


Products: Merino/silk/cashmere blend dark blue turtleneck from Håvarstein, Skagen Coat, Mona reindeer skirt, Georocks Play fold gold ring and Slica Black boots (Illustration image: Balenciaga FW17 via Vogue Runway app) 


The Nordic


The classic
Products: Merino/silk/cashmere blend beige brown turtleneck from Håvarstein, Ragged Sleeve trench, Basic Tall Jeans and Geoneo Superhero ring in silver (Illustration image: Milan Fashion Week street style FW17 via the Impression) 



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Shiny Bomber

Style your silk/cotton bomber

All silk/cotton bombers can be adjusted to own measurements and the silk screen print can be moved if you prefer another setup. See all styles here.


Silk/cotton bomber from Just Fashion
Shiny bomber: Silk/cotton blend bomber in ecru with large print on back from Khategat,  faceted goldplated earrings from IDAMARI, and GeoNeo Superhero Silver ring from Elsa (Illustration image: Pinterest viaGentlemanClub) 


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5 for July




1. The Dress


Kimono dress from Elsien Gringhuis. Isn’t it nice when something can be worn several ways? This one can. Opening in front or opening in back? Feel the mood and choose based on that. Good large pocket to dig your hands into. Customize size if you need to or choose one of the pre-set sizes.


2. The Shoes

Guava Lemon Zest Pumps

Lemon Zest pumps from Guava. These are for showing of and probably (if you are not an extremely skilled heel-walker demands bicycle or taxi. But what are great show-off shoes like these without the specialized constructed heel from Guava? It is the icing on the cake and what makes them really 100 % perfect.


3. The Backpack

Backpack with tassels in dove pink


Backpack with tassels in Dove Pink from Kokosina. Classic and practical, still fashionable and easy to take from day to night. We love the tassel bags, and recommend, if you don’t particularly like this colour; check out the other tasselbags – maybe there is one there for you.


4. The Earrings

Usha earrings from Abareness

The Usha Earrings from A/bareness. Boho to the bone, but does not require an embroidered dress to fit inn. Actually, it goes with almost anything. Bring out your streetwear and match with these babies. Trust us; they have the right kind of bling to them.


5. The socks

Vera nett socks from Swedish Stockings

Vera Socks from Swedish Stockings. These babies are currently out of stock, but will soon be back, so we add them to the list (it is off course a REASON for them being out of stock – they are bang on this summer for trainers or heels..any shoes). Let us know if you want to be notified when it is back in stock.

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Mørck – High quality leather

Mørck design


Behind the label

Norwegian label Mørck consists of mother and daughter team, Marianne Mørck and Monika Mørck Hauge. Marianne has her background in orthopedics (which is closely related to the body and the individual), and Monika is an educated artist.


Mørck design in goatleather
Mørck design in goatleather

Carefully selected

Mørck advocates for natural and traditional materials and wish to promote local businesses as well as ethical and sustainable production. They collaborate with tanneries in different countries and spend a great deal of time finding the leather, where the quality and sustainable choice is evident.

To choose goat, reindeer and for the first time FW17, Norwegian lamb leather, is something that makes logistics an important part of the labels collection planning. The dream would be to do the whole process closer to home, but for now this is impossible. It is a true evidence of the labels sustainable core, that they do not choose the easiest route, but instead make sure each product is made with the right type of leather.

Mørck - photography by Ole Elker
Mørck – photography by Ole Elker

Small concise collections

Mørck combines these ancient material traditions with modern design and solid craftsmanship. Through the acknowledgement of the inherent qualities of natural materials, clothes with durability and patina are created. Leather from salmon and reindeer is by nature a limited resource. There are practical limits for manufacture. Consequently, the collections by Mørck will inevitably be small and exclusive.

Mørck Stitching only use leather from livestock animals that have free range of movement and from farmers treating animals with respect when it comes to protection, breeding and health.

Salmon and reindeer were important factors of survival for the early settlers in the north thousands of years ago. They provided food. They provided clothing. Towards the end of the Stone Age, the goat gradually became important for people’s livelihood. Mørck takes up again these traditions by showing that use of the leather can be luxurious, long lasting and of the highest quality.


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Working with Elsien Gringhuis

Elsien Gringhuis knee length dress in off white

The start

Just Fashion started working with Elsien Gringhuis a few years back. With our shared core values it was a great meet. Thanks to Skype we are always able to talk directly with designers far away and get a sense of how they work and think on a personal level. This is really important to us.

From this starting point we have seen Elsien grow, building each stone of her business on the same ground principles and keeping her core. Being featured in Italian and German Vogue last year as a design talent to watch was a great confirmation that Elsien manages what we want to show the world; it is possible to be forward thinking and deliver FASHION while still choosing better production methods and raw materials in the process.

Elsien Grinhuis close up
Elsien Grinhuis close up


Building a book

Elsien’s design is not built on collections and seasons. The design is made much more like books, where each collection brings a new chapter, but all parts of the book are always available. Comparing the collections, you can see the similarities in the style and the design, the colour scheme and the cut of the products, and it is all made to build on each other and be mixed and matched. Elsien always use a shape element in each collection. That way each chapter she produces is stringent and saves fabric in the process.

Image: Tse Kao, Elsien Gringhuis Clay Trousers in eco cotton with digital print
Image: Tse Kao, Elsien Gringhuis Clay Trousers in eco cotton with digital print


Design process

Elsien’s design principal is completely based on sustainability. Form, function, material and finishing all contribute to designs with a long life span and high quality. Being a sustainable brand is more than using just the best fabrics. All design is built on the No Waste principle, trying to make a result of nearly no waste in the design process. The focus is on highly innovative patterns that reduce the waste to a minimum.


High end fabric quality

Elsien Gringhuis works with wool, cotton, silk and other natural materials bought from trusted retailers in Italy and the Netherlands.  The label does their best at finding a balance between being sustainable and being a high-end fashion label. Most fabrics are GOTS, BCI and/or Oekotex certified, and the goal is to get all of them certified. The important thing though, is to keep the fabric quality high, so the design will last a lifetime. All items are produce locally in Elsien’s studio, on demand, not made before you order them.

Elsien Gringhuis wool sweater in grey
Elsien Gringhuis wool sweater in grey

Education and rewards

  • Cum Laude at the academy of visual arts in Arnhem (ArtEZ).
  • Won the Createurope in Berlin, the Mittelmoda in Italy and was nominated for the Frans Molenaar-award.
  • Presented her first collection during the Amsterdam Fashion Week in 2009.
  • Won the Green Fashion Competition in 2011
  • Won the Fair Luxury Award in 2012.



“A functional and well thought out design makes me very happy. All good things are simple, but there is nothing more difficult than to make a good and simple design.”

– Elsien Gringhuis




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Joakim Kleven & Frida Ottesen x Just Fashion

The Norwegian bloggers and advocates for fashion with compassion, Joakim Kleven and  Frida Ottesen made this BEAUTIFUL editorial with styles from our store. Take a look! And check out the pages of these talented young stylish people! They are the future and they set the standard for what they want fashion to be! We salute them!


The Wad Dress


The Manzanillo Sweater and Masaya Skirt



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Just Fashion store in Oslo

Help us get into a store in Oslo!


A sustainable Luxury store in Oslo?

Yes! We want to be the ones doing it. Help us out!

Our cities are full of stores, and 99, 9 % of them are offering us mass-produced design.

For some reason, and we believe it snuck up on us, we’ve all been caught in this illusion that the norm is to be able to shop cheap and fast, without any other concern than the time it takes you to stop by a store. It’s also the norm to be able to do so many times in the course of a really short period. And to experience new collections and sale items every time you stop by. And there is no such thing as a win win when it comes to this multitude of cheap options. The risk is taken by somebody far away that you cannot see.

Just Fashion have worked hard for some time to erase the line between sustainability and fashion. We are tired of the question if it is possible to produce a basic t-shirt in a good way. Of course it is. So our next step is to make people able to stop by and experience our designer stories and touch the quality of each item. We want to become a store in the physical world as well as online.

How can we make it happen?

Even though we’ve grown since we started out, we are still a small startup with great ambition and our heart on our sleeve. So to be able to take the next step and establish ourselves in a physical store, we need your help.

Take a look at our campaign at and support us if you can. We understand that for people living abroad it might seem strange supporting a store that you may never visit. But if you are a fan of Just Fashions universe and our designers and want us all to grow, your support now, big or small, will also affect our online growth. Our gift-program is mainly offering redux cards for our store, but we will also weekly (for 3, 5 weeks from now) add products you can win when supporting us, and also some limited edition items. Follow our Facebook-page for daily info about these added gifts.




Who are the people behind the design?

To read more about the Just Fashion Team, what your support will cover in the establishment of our shop and the current gift run, go to our campaign at Bidra :)


We will not be able to make this happen without your help, please support us :)

Thank you in advance!

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Justfashionista #3

@sihlendiana with her Umeå Ring

This month we want to show you a bunch of great looking people, wearing our designers. Take a look!


Olivia Black on Natalie from Sustainably Chic
Olivia Black on Natalie from Sustainably Chic (189 kr / 16,5 ‎€ )


Backpack with tassels beautifully displayed, regram from Dido Showroom
Backpack with tassels beautifuly displayed, regram from Dido Showroom (2699 kr / 200 €)


Silje Alice in her Kerber dress
Silje Alice in her Kerber dress ( 2100 kr / 151 €)


@sihlendiana with her Umeå Ring
@sihlendiana with her Umeå Ring ( 899 kr / 44 €)


Large backpack worn by @st.beelzebub
Large backpack worn by @st.beelzebub ( 2559 kr / 190 €)


Astrid Fishnet stockings on the perfect legs of @violabergstrom
Astrid Fishnet stockings on the legs of @violabergstrom (249 kr / 22 €)


Ingeborg brown bag on the arm of @veronicakaring
Ingeborg brown bag on the arm of @veronicakaring (5699 kr / 502 €)
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How to wear your Knee high boots

long dresses grazing boots

If you are anything like us, you love playing around with style, and wear some key pieces in many ways. So if you should invest in a pair of fairly produced high quality boots, you would need some style options to get the most out of them. Here are our style suggestions. One pair – million wears. At least!


Scroll through the gallery below for styling inspiration on how to wear you boots and where to get good luxe pieces to go with them.
And remember, all designers we mention who are not part of Just Fashion are to us known for consistent quality and care for how they make their products. Therefore the following style suggestions should be good for the planet, though we can only count for the details of our own designers.


Classic knee-highs

These are the boots.

Made by hand in Portugal, in a small family owned factory. It is in fact so small that half of Amorina&Mia’s collection is Made to Order (produced after ordering).

Not an easy-fast way of doing things, but a really environmental one.


amorina&mia slica boots in black
Amorina&Mia Slica boots in black


Style 1.

Like a woman.

Wear with short dresses or skirts.

This is a fail-safe way of adding a grungy tough to femininity. We feel that short skirt and dresses can be too pretty sometimes. In the second we add a pair of flat boots, we feel grounded.

Diesel Black Gold fall 2016
Diesel Black Gold fall 2016


style inspiration one:
Skirtstyle: Anemone Pleated skirt from Rakha, architectural gold earrings from Hasla, Nina fishleater Pouch  from Eben, Manzanillo Knit from Hekne and Amanda Control top recycled stockings from Swedish Stockings


Wear with a dress over shirt-combo.

Keep the dress knitted or woolly, and add a feminine lightweight shirt. This style, if dress is not to short, will also work really well for the office.


Sonia Rykiel fall 2016
Sonia Rykiel fall 2016
dress and shirt combo
Shirt under dress style: Knitted cocktail dress from Gudrun & Gudrun, Stefanie Seam recycled stockings from Swedish Stockings,  Swan Print Wilson Shirt from Stella McCartney and This is Home brass bracelet from JohannaN

Style 2.

Layering wool the grungy way.

Wear with long oversized coats.

It’s slouchy and cool. Layer fine knits underneath; add a belt or several jewelries in different lengths.


Acne Studios fall 2016
Acne Studios fall 2016


Valentino fall 2016
Valentino fall 2016
grungy kniit
Layering knits: Merino Wool Coat from Rakha via Yoox, Merino wool Herring Sweater from Mette Møller, vegetable tanned leather belt from Feit, Norma knit in 100 % wool from Skall Studiand grey organic cotton cardigan from Kowtow



Diesel Black Gold fall 2016
Diesel Black Gold fall 2016


layering knit and leather
Grunge layering: Fluid Speckle Turtleneck and Airforce Blue Crue Neck Jumper from Stella McCartney, recycled acrylic Ballet Sweater from Loup and recycled leather jacket from Pelechecoco


Style 3.

Inspired by the past.


Wear with a billowing flower dress.

On top, wear a short shearling or wool jacket. It’s easy to tweak to a 70’s look, but is also channeling the femi-grunge of the 90’s with a shorter dress and stockings. Change out the shoulder strap with an old guitar strap, and you are ready to go.

Valentino fall 2016
Valentino fall 2016


Floating boho dress style: (clockwise from top left) black fur free fur dan coat from Stella McCartney, Usha golden brass Earrings from A/BARENESS, Blakely Dress from the Reformation, Faith Dress – soon to be launched at Just Fashion (if want to know more or be on the waiting list), Harmoni Ring from Hasla, Katya Dress from the Reformation, Center: dark Green Dondini dress from Stella McCartney


Wear with long narrower skirt or dress grazing or covering your boots.

This look is buttoned up from heel to toe, with a long skirt and long coat or with a cropped sweater or jacket that emphasizes your waist. It has a hint of the 60’s and the 70’s, but is still a modern take on a boots /skirt look.

Gabriele Colangelo fall 2016
Gabriele Colangelo fall 2016


Hermes fall 2016
Hermes fall 2016


long skirt grazing boots
Skirtgrazing with layers: long 100% merino wool Ojos skirt from VOZ via Fashionkind, silver Knot Necklace from Dutch Basics, recycled acrylic Ballet Sweater from Loup, Suzie Skirt from Stella McCartney and wool cardigan from Studio Jux



Issey Miyake fall 2016
Issey Miyake fall 2016


long dresses grazing boots
Skirtgrazing dress: Stick earring in gold with two pearls from Dutch Basics,  Parere Tube Midi Dress from Stella Jean via Moda Operandi, Janne Pink fishleather clutch from Eben,   Wad Silk Dress from Elsien Gringhuis,  Silver Pearl Ring from Dutch Basics and Jute Dress from the Reformation


Nuff said. Come on an boot up the good way! :)

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The Trench

Edun trench coat

Are you on the lookout for the perfect trench for fall?

We’ve made a selection of trenches that deliver the ultimate quality and style, but also takes people, nature and animals into consideration.

PS: We only know the details of our own designers production process, but these brands are know for consistent quality and for caring about how they make their products.


Marimekko Zelda Trench

marimekko zelda trench 2

marimekko zelda trench

This dark green trench is produced in Lithuania. It’s made in a Wool/Polyamide-blend

“For us sustainability means respecting people and the environment in everything we do”



Norwegian Rain Noir Femme Trench


norwegian rain trench noir femme

This trench is windproof, waterproof (this one actually IS waterproof) and made out of recycled material to begin with. It’s made to last a lifetime! It is also possible to buy in a version with warm padding if you want to use it during wintertime.

“We work hard to be as environmentally friendly as possible. By teaming up with leading eco conscious suppliers in the industry, Norwegian Rain aims to amplify the positive spiral of people working together to overcome the climatical challenges we are upon”

Norwegian Rain


Norwegian Rain Genève Femme Trench


norwegian rain trench geneve femme
norwegian rain trench geneve femme

This trench have the same features as above.


Stella Jean Trench

Stella Jean trench

Bilde 07.09.2016, 15.23.10

These wool trenches are not in store yet. Follow Stella Jean for updates.

“Stella Jean collaborates with African and Haitian artisans, based on the principle of increase in value, economic impact and respect for the territory, resources and traditions of the local communities who must be supported, while at the same time preserving ancestral knowledge – at risk of extinction – and opposing the debasing effect of imperialist homogenisation” 

Stella Jean



Edun Trench


Edun trench coat

This trench is part of Edun’s Resort 17 collection and since they do not have their own webshop we suggest you ask them where to get it if you are interested:)

“In respect of its mission to source production and encourage trade in Africa, EDUN mixes its modern designer vision with the richness and positivity of this fast-growing continent. EDUN is building long-term, sustainable growth opportunities by supporting manufacturers, community-based initiatives and partnering with African artists and artisans”


Lastly, if you REALLY are going to invest, we want to take the company that is the epitome of trenches into account…



If you look closely, you find that some of the heritage trenches from Burberry, the classic ones that will live on forever, with details and tradition that no-one else can show for, is actually produced in England. As mentioned we do not know the details, but this should imply that the conditions are good and that there are craftsmen and educated workers involved. You can also get your initials engraved in the coat. Our favourites are..

The Kensington extra long heritage coat

burberry 4


This trench is as classic as it gets, still.


Slim fit cotton trench coat with top stitching



This trench (made in Italy) is classic but with the top stitching as a twist. Here is a total overview of all heritage trenches


Let us know if you want more inspiration like this. We have tons of knowledge that we want to share with you to help you do better choises ❤

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Justfashionista #2


Some inspo on how to style your (eco-conscious) stockings !

Do the ankle boots with 40 to 60 DEN stockings

Stylist and fashion editor Hope Von Joel shows how to pull of a great feminine but laid-back fall outfit.



Dressing up

Vanja Wikstrøm, blogger at Glammom wearing a classic black dress with her stockings.


The wine red palette

Red is everywhere for fall and both the thin and thick variant of the black stockings, with or without pattern, works brilliantly with red. Here, travel writer, editor and founder of Frukostfolket Hanna Stefansson shows of an outfit with only red tones and black stockings.

Kind of obvious what's on my mind today (?). This @filippa_k faux fur is my new best friend✨ What's your #myfilippakwish ?

A photo posted by Hanna Stefansson (@hannastefansson) on


All Swedish Stockings are made using recycled nylon thread, in factories that leave no waste behind, use solar panels and energy efficient machines in the production and have full water rinsing systems, so that water can flow back into nature.

Shop Swedish Stockings here.


PSST. We’ve also made this search for you. We found lots of inspo here as well. Choose the good stockings, and play around with them:)

Bilde 01.06.2016, 21.36.19

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Our designers at Oslo Runway SS17

Beate Godager transparent jacket

We are so proud to announce that two of our designers are taking part in this year’s Oslo Runway. If you are in Oslo, make sure you get yourself a ticket to the show.


Beate Godager

Beate Godager was picked by a jury of business insiders to participate in a talent selection showing at the runway 23rd of August.

Beate Godager demin top
Beate Godager demin top

The jury consisted of Charlotte Bik BandlienLasse Fløde, Carmita Carlsson and Torunn Myklebust.

Bik bok fashion award 2016
Bik Bok Runway Award 2016


Hasla is showcasing their design in the jewelry showroom at Sentralen in the heart of Oslo 24th of August. You can among other designs look at their new pearl collection launching shortly.

Hasla Ballance pearl collection
Hasla Ballance pearl collection


Hasla Ballance pearl collection
Hasla Ballance pearl collection


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Why it’s smart to Wrap

Veryan off white organic cotton wrap dress with adjustable straps

The wrap is such a simple and transformative piece of clothing, and this season there are so many ways to style it.


We, off course present the good ones, produced for you personally in organic chemical free cotton, and possible to adjust and tweek if you need to. These wrap models  will last for years to come, easy to transform through changing trends and even quite easy to wear through changing body shapes.


Veryan off white organic cotton wrap dress with adjustable straps
Veryan off white organic cotton wrap dress with adjustable straps


First, which model to choose?

Choose one with broad straps

Trailing stripes taps into another trend this season. Go directly to this item.


Veryan striped organic cotton wrap dress
Veryan striped organic cotton wrap dress

If you don’t like it long, get it customized to a shorter model (this is a free service at our site), as seen at Christopher Raeburn Spring catwalk…


Christopher Raeburn SS16
Christopher Raeburn SS16


Or choose one with narrow straps

Go directly to item.

Veryan off white organic cotton wrap dress with adjustable straps
Veryan off white organic cotton wrap dress with adjustable straps

(PSST! We also got the narrow strap dress with stripes)

This one can off course also be adjusted to a shorter model, as seen at Missoni spring 16..

Missoni SS16
Missoni SS16

Choose as a top instead…

To go with your favorite pants or shorts. We deliver one with stripes and one in clean white cotton, seen below.




Veryan wrap top in white organic percale cotton
Veryan wrap top in white organic percale cotton

Like seen at Edeline Lee with classic narrow pants…

Edeline Lee SS16
Edeline Lee SS16

So, secondly, how to wear it? 

These pieces have, like the trend, plunging necklines and are quite low cut in front. If you don’t like showing off to much, we suggest either changing the cut when ordering yours (it’s easy and costs €21 to get a total customization of the fit, with good instructions by phone or mail), or you can use a top or statement underwear underneath. 

Here are our best styling tips for getting lots and lots of wear out of your dress!



Style tip 1: Wear something under

Keep it deep, but wear something underneath.

Inspired by the other V-necks at the catwalk, we imagined it could be a fitness body or tank top…

Tess Giberson SS16
Tess Giberson SS16


Or a loose strap singlet…

Ports 1961 SS16
Ports 1961 SS16

Do it the lingerie way, show off whats under, over… like seen on several catwalks this spring.. 

spread showing the loose trend
We recommend Underprotection for the best eco stylish underwear, Veryan wrap dress, double ring, fish leather clutch, moonstone earrings

Style tip 2: Wear something over


Style with a bomber.

Rag & Bone SS16
Rag & Bone SS16

…or a sweater

Barbara Casasola SS16
Barbara Casasola SS16


Style tip 3, Style it up

Let the jewelry do the talking.

We’ve seen lots of pearls, it fits the clean cut of a wrap perfectly, but also a statement necklace that plays on, and ads to the v-cut, works great!

Valentino SS16
Valentino SS16

Or take the top to another level with a real plunging neckline, as seen at Michael Kors….

Michael Kors SS16
Michael Kors SS16


the wrap dress dressed up
Underprotection bra, Veryan wrap dress, cotton bomber jacket, silver bracelet, freshwater pearl ring and earring

Style tip 4: Relax in it, and be inspired by new grunge!

Wear with slightly open wrap and relaxed sandals, loafers or sneakers…


Rodebjer SS16
Rodebjer SS16

Wear it with a long sweater and flats..

Rosetta Getty SS16
Rosetta Getty SS16


Want more tips? Ask us, we love getting questions and challenges! Or take a look at how we suggest you do the relaxed summer boho style the good way

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Justfashionista #1

Swedish stockings looking good

Get inspired by fashionable women mixing up products from our designers.


1.  Mixing Dutch Basics and Idamari

@martinetessand mixing it up
@martinetessand mixing it up, Circle bracelet, Unnr ring

Dutch Basics delivers classic jewelry, a failsafe investment that will be wearable forever! They are handmade in a small studio in Portugal.

Take a look at Dutch Basics latest collection

Idamari is a real handcrafter. Her collections are all 100 % handmade by herself, in her studio in Berlin. Ida is also our first designer using certified conflict free gold.

Look at Idamari’s collection here


2. Dutch actress Coosje Smid in Dutch Basics


❤️ Liefde van m'n leven. @karenrosetzsky @linda_meiden

A photo posted by Coosje Smid (@coosjesmid) on


The pearl collection from Dutch Basics is made with freshwater-pearls and classic as can be.

3. Bracelet on top of a classic shirt


Hasla identitet jewelry
Hasla identitet jewelry

Like this. With Hasla’s identitet collection, you will find it easy to mix and match. This collection is based on the molecule, or hexagon if you like. These items are made in Hasla’s workshop in Setesdal in Norway. Take a look at the process of making a product.


4. Meilin Hyde in stockings


?? Bring on the sweater weather ???: @khuongnguyenn #consciousclothing #consciouscloset #monochromatic

A photo posted by Meilin Hyde | 美琳 (@meilinhyde) on

Swedish Stockings have been collaborators of ours for some years now, and to follow their thorough process of becoming circular in their production is truly inspiring. If you don’t know their stockings yet, we suggest you try.

They are made out of recycled polyester (considered to be waste), made at water saving factories, with their own cleaning system, zero waste guarantee, and solar panel energy-use. It’s really impressive.

Here, green-liver Meilin Hyde shows her classic style with one of the thicker models in black.

Shop the Swedish Stockings collection here


5. Why only one ring?


abareness karuna stack rings
abareness karuna stack rings

Wear several at once. Like with the stack rings from Abareness. There are several versions, all handmade in a small workshop in Nepal. Stack rings are brilliant for bringing new life to old rings as well. Try it!


6. Dare to Wear Colour


I wonder what he is hiding? :)

A photo posted by Hi! I am Luiza ? (@freedom_in_rainbow) on

Like Luiza. Her Instagram is also something to follow! Real colour-boost inspiration!

She wears a yellow backpack from Kokosina. Handmade for you personally after you order it, and made in their studios in Latvia or Italy. Take a look at the wide range of colours in the leather. You are bound to find your favorite here! Leather is guaranteed from livestock, where whole animal is used for food purposes.


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DIY Collar

Choose flowers..

The collar is on our radar for spring and summer, so we thought we should inspire you with style-options and tell you how to make your own. To be a craftsman starts with training you know !


It’s in the picture

Yes, its everywhere, the elevated collar. And if it is not attached, it can elevate even more outfits. And even better if you can make it yourself.


There are so many versions, as seen at Carolina Herrera SS16, the simple elegant one with a stick pin….

The simple elegant one with a stick pin


The one with a subtle illustration…

The one with a subtle illustration
at M Missoni SS16


The one that looks like a cartoon drawing and even has a drawstring..

The one that looks like a cartoon drawing and has a drawstring
at Gucci SS16


The one with the bling..

The one with the bling
at Rochas SS16


You see there are no limits. Choose swallows..

Choose swallows..
Unknown source, Pinterest


Or flowers as seen on Farfetch…

Choose flowers..
Choose flowers..



So how to do it?

It is not difficult to make a collar yourself. The second hand shops are full of used shirts in all kinds of colours. So.. here described by Rookie, this is what you do:

How to make a DIY collar described by Rookie

1. You take an old shirt. Open it up and lay the collar down flat, like so:

How to make a DIY collar described by Rookie

  1. Using the neckline seam as a guide, take your scissors and cut as close to the collar as you can (but be careful not to snip the neckband in the process!).
How to make a DIY collar described by RookieAnd that’s it! After cutting your way through the neckline you’ll be left with one detachable collar.

How to make a DIY collar described by Rookie


Or even better, this video, making a collar using scraps

Now you can start being creative!


Where to buy one?

If you don’t want to make it yourself, take a look at Señorita Lylo’s Embroidered Collars. She only makes them on demand, contact her through her Tumblr-site. They are really beautiful and detailed.

Senorita Lylo handmade collars

Senorita Lylo handmade collars
Senorita Lylo handmade collars

Or you can get the really exclusive one from Vivetta (we L-O-V-E their playfull design!), here also styled Just Fashion Style



diy collar styled Just Fashion style
PRODUCTS: Denim top, tube skirt, silver ring, silver necklace with gold knot and Vivetta collar


Best of luck! Let us know how it turned out!

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How to do the Boho trend the slow fashion way

boho trend

The relaxed linen and cotton bohemian products can be well-produced, high quality, and still on trend.

The relaxed accessories

As seen on the runway on a dress from Chloe…

Chloé dress and Just Fashion accessories
Chloé dress and Just Fashion accessories, shop products: Bir ring, Bhagya 3 set bracelets, Thopa long chain Necklace

The white dress

As seen on the runway from Balenciaga…

Balenciaga classic white cotton dress
Balenciaga classic white cotton dress


skall boho dresses and abareness necklace
Shop products: Chateau Dress, Lilly Dress, Pendant with chain,  and Boho Dress


boho dress with backpack with tassels, pendant with chain and bracelet
Shop products: Boho Dress, backpack with tassels, Paisha Pendant with chain, ambu bracelet


The relaxed shirt


Th relaxed linen shirt with boho necklaces and bracelets
Th relaxed linen shirt with boho necklaces and bracelets


Just Fashion linen and cotton shirts and bindu pendant with chain
Just Fashion linen and cotton shirts, bottom from right: Striped Shirt, Long striped shirt, Sailor shirt, Bindu pendant, and long linen tunic
Striped linen shirt. bone necklace and rings
Shop products: Striped shirt, Dhwani necklace, Mukti 3 stack rings in brass, one Chanchal ring in silver, and Lakshya silver bracelet 


long linen tunic
Shop the look: long linen tunic, relaxed viscose pants


Relaxed summer pinterest inspo
Relaxed summer pinterest inspiration


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Story1: Luxury Cotton

English fine cotton getting spinning home


What to expect in 2016?

We must admit it; there has been a gloom and kind of a pessimistic feel in our office. Even though we are a company believing in the power of good choices, and have a general large degree of optimism, we have still been quite discouraged in regards to why the industry can’t make the BIG changes that needs to be done.

No matter how hard one works, things take time. A loong time. And no matter how much we want the world to change, we need the big businesses to want to change too, the changes that changes everything faster.

But the last few months, our hopes have been growing. The world IS changing and we hope that it is a staying change. When reading the textile business news from all over the world, we are getting positive, and want to share it with you. This is the first story of why 2016 makes us smile.


Story # 1: Manchesters new cotton mill

English company English Fine Cottons and the Textile Growth Programme, are in total investing £5.8million to bring old British cotton mills back to life.

One of the main goals is to bridge the gap between global retailers, domestic micro businesses and SMEs (Small and medium-sized enterprises), to strengthen local supply chains and promote sustainable growth.

The two initiators are renovating a former Victorian cotton mill, and combining it with cutting-edge technology, to start production of luxury yarn. English Fine Cotton, which today makes material for bulletproof vests at Tame Valley Mill, Dukinfield, is to produce luxury yarn at neighbouring Tower Mill. This way, British cotton is to be spun at home for the first time in a generation. The last time Tower Mill had cotton production was in 1955.


Tower mill in Manchester
Tower Mill in Dukinfield, Tameside, Greater Manchester

The plan is to be
 re-starting cotton spinning in the UK mid-2016, and it will by then be one of the most advanced cotton spinning plants in the world, with the latest in loom technology.

The Mill is not meant to compete with mass production of China, South East Asia or India. It will be a “high end” quality product, produced with luxury cotton from Barbados (Sea Island). The same cotton that Ian Fleming specified James Bond’s shirts were made of, and the ones Daniel Craig wore in the Bond movies.

“We are almost vertical as a company and the only thing we don’t buy in the UK is cotton, which I would very much like to do. The project could hopefully utilize the abundant skills base for textile manufacturing in the UK, as we remain exceptional as a country in specialist manufacturing. From cotton spinning to pattern cutting – the skills are there to make in Britain.”

British shirt-maker Emma Willis
(makes the shirts for Daniel Craig’s James Bond)


luxury cotton in the James Bond suits, made by Brunello Cucinelli
luxury cotton in the James Bond suits, made by Brunello Cucinelli

Cotton mills in Britain

What is a cotton mill?

  • A cotton mill houses spinning or weaving machinery for the production of yarn or cloth from cotton.
  • Cotton was an important product during the Industrial Revolution. The mechanization of the spinning process in the early factories was instrumental in the growth of the machine tool industry, enabling the construction of larger cotton mills.

The biggest cotton producer in the world

  • Britain used to be the biggest cotton cloth producer in the world. The mechanized spinning and weaving of cotton fiber into fabric began in Britain in the mid-16th century.
  • Manchester had no cotton mills until 1783. By 1800, there were 42 mills, and the city had become the heart of the cotton manufacturing trade. Mills generated employment, expanded population, and Manchester became a large commercial city.
  • The number of Manchester cotton mills reached its zenith in 1853 with 108 mills. In total there were 2650 cotton mills in Lancashire by 1860, employing 440 000 people and producing half of the world’s cotton yarn.
  • Then came the First World War, and cotton could no longer be exported to the foreign markets. The rise of other countries weaving and exporting their own cotton began.
  • By the 1930s, 800 mills had closed and 345,000 workers had left the industry. Though there was a slight revival after 1945, mills kept on closing down.
  • During the 1960s and 70s, mills in North West England closed at the rate of one a week in the, with the last one shutting in Greater Manchester in the 1980s.

Modern cotton mills

Modern cotton mills are increasingly automated, mainly built around open end-spinning techniques using rotors or ring-spinning techniques using spindles.

In 2009 there were 202,979,000 ring spinning spindles installed worldwide, with 82% of these being in Asia or Oceania, and 44% being within China. In the same year there were 7,975,000 open end spinning rotors installed, with 44% of these being within Asia or Oceania and 29% within Eastern Europe. Rotors are responsible for 20% of the cotton spun worldwide.

One large mill in Virginia in the United States employs 140 workers in 2013 to produce an output that would have required more than 2,000 workers in 1980.

Cotton spinning
Cotton spinning


“A number of times we have had firms coming to us saying they want British cotton. Unfortunately, up until now, we have had to say no. We owe it to the cotton industry – which Manchester was synonymous with – to put it back onto the world stage” 

Andy Ogden
General manager of English Fine Cotton’s parent company, Culimeta-Saveguard Ltd

Sea Island Cottons, know for their limited production of quality slowly grown cotton
Sea Island Cottons, known for their limited production of quality slowly grown cotton

“For more than 100 years cotton was the key industry in the various towns making up the borough and indeed the North West of England. The Park Road area of Dukinfield, where Tower Mill is situated, is a corridor of former cotton mills and testament to the hold spinning once had on the region. We
 believe this project shows how (…) effective a little northern grit and common sense can be in achieving successful solutions.” 

English Fine Cottons

Quality focused future

It makes us happy that it is possible to focus on high quality in an ever faster moving world. Doing it slowly with attention to details and process, from the raw material to the finished product, that’s what we hope for in the future. When you buy something, it should last and make you happy. It’s the volume and pace that we want to fight.


Lastly, this video that was made by the British Council to counter Nazi propaganda and help promote British cotton to the world, during the Second World War.


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5 Versions of the suit – (with a good conscience)

Miroslava Duma in London at fashion week wearing a stunning blue suit


The suit is always an investment. Not only does it work dresses up as an ensemble, but also, it is great to wear as separates, as blazer and pants with casual tops, denim, sweatpants etc. Perfect for a casual cool look.

We’ve collected some people who look both flawless and cool in their suits. Stylists, fashion insiders and creative’s with their own style, mixed up with our eco suggestions from our luxury handmade label Kerber. Masculine or feminine, their suits come in mix-and-match models to choose from, and they last a lifetime.


Keep scrolling to see and shop 5 looks that will elevate your wardrobe


Mix masculinity and femininity.

Comfy waist, cropped legs and a longer jacket. Feminine and masculine in one, elevates the feeling of effortlessness. Choose a loose singlet or t-shirt underneath to dress up or down. The keyword is loose. Like Kasia Smutniak, in a white Armani suit, with red lips and tousled hair. 

Kasia Smutniak in a white suit


Our feminine/masculine (conscious) suggestion:

Kerber Comfy Pants,    (1.997 NOK (no added expences)  Norway /€168 rest of the world)
Kerber Business Jacket   (2.979 NOK (no added expences) Norway, €250 rest of the world)


Elevate length with loose legs.

You don’t need to wear a traditional colour to look chick. Like Miroslava Duma does here in a perfect blue Stella McCartney suit, worn with a casual braid and classic white shirt.

Miroslava Duma in London at fashion week wearing a stunning blue suit


Our loose leg suggestion:


Fatal Pants in Blue,    (2.099 NOK Norway / €177 rest of the world)
Business Jacket in Blue,   (2.979 NOK Norway / €250 rest of the world)


Never be afraid to use your femininity.

Something that always works is the feminine black suit. With narrow, cropped legs and a jacket that elevate the waist. Like Hannah Davis shows of here at a Vanity Fair party.

Hannah Davis in the classic feminine suit at a Vanity Fair party

Our feminine ensamble suggestion:

Disco Pants,   (1.971 NOK Norway / €165 rest of the world)
Stall Jacket,   (3.004 NOK Norway / €252 rest of the world)


Embrace the slouchy masculine laidback trousers.

Works so well with brogues or sneakers. Like Mary Orton from Memorandum shows of here, long legs, loose shirt tucked in pants

fr mer


Our laidback slouchy pants suggestion:

AW15_Flatter_pants_wool_black_one_strap_v_top_forest_green_473_F_Just-Fshion kopi

Flatter Pants, (on request here)


Try the white shirt with high-waisted pants.

That’s enough. Style a feminine shirt with a high waisted loose pair of pants. Here shown by Clémence Poésy.



Our shirt + pants combo suggestion:



Urban Pants : (2.106 NOK Norway / €176 rest of the world)
Uni Form Shirt: (1.903 NOK Norway / €159 rest of the world)


Get inspired and choose better when you can!

Hugs from the Just Fashion Team

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In the studio.

From Hasla's workshop in Valle in Setesdal

Here you se the making of one ring. It is molded into a form an then goes through many stages before it becomes the ring you get when you order.

When the whole process is seen like this, in one, you kind of get the picture of how long it takes. It is also a great way to appreciate the fact that is can still be made like this, slowly with craftsmen and women, getting their pay.

Go to all Hasla products>

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Mia’s style.

Photo: Hans Kristian Riise Beautifull Mia Sundfjord got her own style

Mia Sundsfjord

Working freelance in the film industry

What are your thoughts on the terms “Sustainability” and “Ethical production”? 

“Well, it isn’t easy to navigate between all the terms and it is not easy to do better choices either. When I go to the High Street stores and see something with the tag “Made in Bangladesh”, I get a stomachache. The money goes straight to the top of the chain, but even though I know this, it is so easy to choose the more  affordable products”.


Love these loose flowing pants. They will work great for dressing both up and down
“Love these loose flowing pants. They will work great for dressing both up and down”
"I would add this cotton sweater and the classic, androgynous ring from Idamari"
“I would add this cotton sweater and the classic, androgynous ring from Idamari”

Fatal pants, Half Circle Sweater, Eir ring


“You see something you like, and the barrier for buying it is so low. You don’t think about choosing better there and then. You think about your wardrobe, how it will fit in there, and that’s the only thing you have to consider. So I guess these terms gets me thinking about the changes we all are trying to make, but still haven’t managed to do”.


"You might have discovered already, that I am a fan of the blue collection from Kerber. I want so many different models. These Must have Pants with long legs are also great, and even better styles with Elsien Gringhuis Half Circle T-shirt and JohannaN bracelet"
“You might have discovered already, that I am a fan of the blue collection from Kerber. I want so many different models. These Must have Pants with long legs are also great, and even better styles with Elsien Gringhuis Half Circle T-shirt and JohannaN bracelet”

Must Have Pants Blue Long, Half Circle T-shirt, Horn Bracelet


"These two when I'm going to a party? Yes I think so"
“These two when I’m going to a party? Yes I think so”


Usha Earrings, Party Shorts Blue


If you should elaborate, how do you choose your wardrobe, and do you regularly repairs and fix things that are broken? 


“I often ask myself; Why not choose better? and I’m working on it. It costs more, but in the end, it is likely to be a win to choose quality and something you will love. 6 pants from the high street stores equals maybe one slowly produced high quality pair of pants. And to know something about how it is produced, and that the people that made it, touched it, have been treated well and got their fair share, means something too!”

"For more casual days when I want to rough things up a little, I would love to leave my house in this No Sleep Until June 5 Panel in white and the grey bucket bag from Schermann Ringdal"
“For more casual days when I want to rough things up a little, I would love to leave my house in this No Sleep Until June 5 Panel in white and the grey bucket bag from Schermann Ringdal”

Prensen Grey (currently out of stock), 5 Panel White


“You don’t repair pants when the repair costs more than the pants. We are not used to this kind of thinking. The products have so low value that it’s usually not in my mind to think about fixing it. But I do choose better sometimes. I love to go to the small independent stores, both here in Oslo and when I’m traveling. To talk to the people there and get the details and stories behind what I buy. And to see the commitment that goes all the way from the making of the product to the person selling me it. It makes me feel proud and it makes me love what I buy there more than other items. And THESE things I definitely fix if they are broken”.



"I have always wanted a great suit! With the ones from Kerber, I can mix and match my own feminin/masculine variant. Great blue colour as well"
“I have always wanted a great suit! With the ones from Kerber, I can mix and match my own feminin/masculine variant. Great blue colour as well”

See all suit-combinations here


“With food there’s been a great change the last few years here in Norway towards better production and small independent food-labels, but with clothing it is much more complex. You need to love what you buy in another way. It is connected to your identity. But in the end – like with food – you have to say even though it is hard – I just have to stop eating that and choose something better!”


"These stockings from Swedish Stockings remind me of the stories I've heard about the war when stockings where so expensive that women painted the line onto their legs to make an impression of wearing stockings. It is a real nostalgic model and elevate any dress to a new level"
“These stockings from Swedish Stockings remind me of the stories I’ve heard about the war when stockings where so expensive that women painted the line onto their legs to make an impression of wearing stockings. It is a real nostalgic model and elevate any dress to a new level”

Stefanie Seam Stockings

"There are so many great jewelry pieces at Just Fashion, but this one really stood out. It it's a classic"
“There are so many great jewelry pieces at Just Fashion, but this one from Dutch Basics really stood out. It it’s a classic”

Circle necklace

How do you see the future? What do you think the future holds in regards to production and consume?
“I think we are facing great challenges. I think that for ethical production to become mainstream, they need to get subsidized. To be able to compete with the big chains when it comes to price. But maybe also the change will come no matter what. That it forces itself into our lives”.

Follow Mia
Instagram: @miasundsfjord

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To make it all go in a circle.

Elisabeth and Victoria Lejonhjarta with JohannaN necklace and ring


This is a story about Just Fashion, and a strong woman we have gotten to know during the growth of our site. Johanna and her jewelry label JohannaN, was the fifth label to come onboard Just Fashion. We want you to know what she is up to!

Production in Bangkok

Johanna produce at two production sites in Bangkok, and they have been with her all the way from the start in 2009.

In the workshop of Cha and Joy
In the workshop of Cha and Joy

Family Workshops

The metal workshops, she knows in and out, and they have grown with her. Tom and Boom are husband and wife-team. They have a small workshop in the first floor of their house in the middle of Bangkok. Tom is sawing all the pieces and Boom is managing their orders, checks the quality, and puts on chains before dispatch to Sweden.

Tom and Boom in their Workshop with their daughter
Tom and Boom in their Workshop with their daughter

They are setting their own price on their work and that’s what Johanna pay them – done deal. Johanna can now ensure them full time work – which I bet feels great!

Since Johanna has been growing a lot the last years, she now also works with a second and third family workshop, Joi and his wife Nok, and Cha and his wife Joi.

In addition she also works closely with Boy, her creative collaborator in Bangkok and he communicate with all teams and takes care of the logistics.

Watch this short film showing the handsawing in the workshop


Family Factory

The bigger factory that does the casting is family owned with around 60 workers. The last visit to this factory was in February 2014. This factory is also located in Bangkok, and will be a focus in January when Johanna is going back to Thailand.


The raw material

There are large deposits of zinc and copper in Thailand. These metals are combined to form brass, which is a traditional material, used in the Buddha figures and in many religious ornaments and sculptures.

johanna n This is Home adjustable bracelet, seen from abve
johannaN This is Home adjustable bracelet, seen from above

This tradition means that there are people with knowledge about the old way of doing the sawing and casting process that can be given work.  Over time, generations of creative artisans built a tradition of craftsmanship around brass – a craft tradition that today only exists in a few places in the world (Abareness also uses these skills in their jewelry workshop in Nepal)


johanna n umeå ring with beetle, seen from front
JohannaN umeå ring with beetle, seen from front

It’s been a pain in the ass to try to track the raw material. With gold and silver, there are a lot happening in the world in regards to sourcing, but with brass, the doors are still closed and there is no tradition for these kinds of investigations. One believes that around 70 % of all brass around is already recycled, but we would of course like to know where OUR (our designers) brass is from. This is an ongoing process, if you are a brass wiz and want to share, let us know!! 


Can a business have a personal moral?

Yes, we do believe they can!

There are so many people who are skeptical to the concept of ethical fashion. It is such a wide term, and also difficult to grasp and to see something else than a trend in it. Well, it is in these meetings with our designers, by knowing them, that all doubt about their intentions is washed away. With JohannaN, I have been sure from the start.

Full action in the workshop
Full action in the workshop

She has walked the hardest way, to make her brand sustainable, and now she has come full circle in so many ways. The things that are still difficult to change are really difficult to change!!! Its complicated, sitting in Sweden, trying to get access to the details around the production, not because things are secret, but because there are no tradition for these kinds of investigations in Thailand.

To manage to make a lasting change, it is essential for our designers and us to understand the culture in the country in which we operate. To make room for dialog that can stretch over time, so there are no misunderstandings.

Elisabeth and Victoria Lejonhjarta with JohannaN necklace and ring
Two beautiful up and coming fans, Elisabeth and Victoria Lejonhjarta with JohannaN necklace and ring


It is about knowing peoples cultural habits, and making them understand that you want to get under their skin, working WITH them, not having hidden agendas and papers with small writing on them. And this goes both ways.


JohannaN's second hand system. You can borrow, excange and deliver back what you dont use
JohannaN’s second hand system. You can borrow, excange and deliver back what you dont use

The skepticism is often grounded in fear of prices being forced down, or fair of losing the order completely, or that somebody will force changes on them that makes the production difficult. They can be scared that questions are about taking something away from them, like they may have experienced before.


a form from the casting process of the jewelry
form from the casting process of the jewelry

In January, Johanna is going back to Thailand to visit the workshop and the factory. We are going to be with her on her journey through films, stories and pictures. The thing with great designers with good intentions is that it never stops. It’s not about either or, it is about the journey and the choices one makes along the way.

Designer Johanna N herself
Designer JohannaN


And remember, , if you buy your JohannaN products at Just Fashion, you support both of us in our work towards a sustainable future!

Marte & Just Fashion

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The choices we make.. one versus the other.. and sometimes one feel the need for one high and one low, one hard one soft, one statement, one subtle and one in fish and one in cow..

The everyday pant.

high versus low pants, what to choose?
high versus low pants, what to choose?


The detail on your earlobe.

Hard vs soft stud earrings?
Hard versus soft stud earrings?

SOFT from Abareness
HARD from Hasla


The everyday bag.

Fish leather vs cow
Fish leather versus cow

FISH from Eben
COW from Schermann Ringdal


The necklace.


statement vs subtle?
statement versus subtle?

STATEMENT from JohannaN
SUBTLE from Dutch Basics


The blazer.

One button vs two?
One button vs two?


Make your choise :)

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Conscious inspiration

Swedish Stockings captued by people

From time to time, we share your pictures. Nothing makes us more happy than to see our designers pieces in use, on conscious people, out there in the world. Tag your picture with #myjustfashionstory if you want it to ne easier for us to find you:)




Favourite new pendant, that has Karma on one side, Karisma on the other ? and also the rings from @abarenessfashion #abareness

A photo posted by Margaret Berger (@margaretbergerofficial) on





“People need clothes that are cool AND ethical.
People need to know that there are designers with a conscience out there.
People need to learn how to value and keep their clothes.
It all starts with transparancy”

Just Fashion



Good to have you, thnx for the early birthday presents✨ #andotherstories #americanvintage #swedishstockings

A photo posted by Kelly Noa Estelle Hulleman (@noaestelle) on


Friday cuddles #abareness

A photo posted by @mathildelr on



“We have the power in each and every purchase we do. By bying clothes from designers who really work the right way, you will give the world a bump in a better direction. Quality beats quantity any day! Products are so much more than products”

Just Fashion


Beautiful story behind @atelierkerber on le blog?⭐ #FashionByKimB at

A photo posted by Kim Brink (@lovebykimb) on



#bitsandpieces #bnp #tshirt #sweatshirt #bnplab #grybukai

A photo posted by Karolina Kuodytė (@arolinak) on




More creds to @jacob.cr2 ? #darkhair #piercings #creds #verticallabret #b&wfashion

A photo posted by ?宇宙人? (@alien.baee) on


Shapes within shapes, always into a good grid ?? Landing in stores next week

A photo posted by Charlie May (@charliemay) on


In love with my new tights #swedishstockings #premiumhosiery

A photo posted by Kelly Noa Estelle Hulleman (@noaestelle) on


No sleep until june #nosleepuntiljune

A photo posted by Thea Dyring (@theadyring) on




Veskesmell i Bodø – materialistisk lykke ?

A photo posted by ? (@isabelhess) on


❤️ from me to all of you! @abarenessfashion #sponset ?: @fotoesben

A photo posted by ❥ (@aimforhappiness) on


#idamari#aajournal#sustainable#organic#magazine #pernillenadinemakeup

A photo posted by Pernille Nadine (@pernillenadine) on


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Just Fashion goes Tupperware


First homeparty

Just Fashion decided that we want to travel to you, and at the same time get to see our country. Our first trip was planned for the West Coast, to Bergen.

We call it Just Fashion goes Tupperware

Leaving Oslo.... Just Fashion goes Tupperware
Leaving Oslo…. Just Fashion goes Tupperware
Making energy while driving a Hybrid
Making energy while driving a Hybrid

Last Weekend we got into Eline’s Hybrid for a ride from Oslo, over Hardangervidda, all the way to Bergen, where a small bunch of women and men got to tough, feel, try on, and buy our products, while enjoying each others company and a few glasses of something good.

Over the Mountain

at 1000 meter, Ustaoset
at 1000 meter, Ustaoset

It was a perfect ride over Hardangervidda. In Norwegian we call it “trollsk”.. the best English word would be “bewitching”. 



Roadtrip to Just Fashions first homeparty, Just Fashion goes Tupperware
Roadtrip to Just Fashions first homeparty, Just Fashion goes Tupperware


So what is a Tupperware party?

social gathering invented by the company Tupperware in the 1950’s, where the host (or more typically hostess) entertained the guests, and provides them with an opportunity to order Tupperware. 


Just Fashion is a whole other company with another agenda, but the concept is the same, to let people relax and have the time to hear our stories and talk to us, one on one.


When you get to tough and feel things in a relaxed setting with your friends, we hope you also get that sense of higher value that our products carry. The stories and the time spent making them, will always be a part of the product you take with you home. Or the product you order and have to wait for, for it to be made.

Swedish Stockings recycled nylon stockings
Swedish Stockings recycled nylon stockings


Over the mountain again and back

On the way back everything had changed.

Just in the course of that Weekend, the mountrain-tops went white…

Bilde 09.11.2015, 14.31.53

Hardangervidda home
Hardangervidda home

Back in Oslo

We must say that we are so pleased with meeting new people and talking about our goal with this company. We want to travel more. If you are more than 10 people and want to make the same kind of experience, let us know (in Norwegian if you like), and we will try to come:)