About Just Fashion

The founder

Just Fashion was established by a Norwegian fashion lover based in Oslo, Marte Djupesland. This is me:

Just Fashion founder Marte Djupesland
Just Fashion founder Marte Djupesland

I was always hunting for new inspiration, and through this hunt, discovered many small to mid-size designers with a love for both high quality design and slow and quality based production. Here started the journey towards what later became Just Fashion.

The team and our supporters

With me, I have a large group of supporters and team-members. Here are some of them.

Our family of designers

Just Fashion want to be close to our designers and see them as family. To know about their intentions and goals, to know that they have a deep understanding of what quality is, and what it means to create items that are going to last a lifetime. At Just Fashion we want to build this family, and search for the best small to mid size independent designers out there, who have their own expression, but also want to move towards a world of lower consume, more transparency and higher quality and longevity of what we buy.

We believe you should grow your wardrobe like you grow your own identity; slowly over time, with care for what you build. We don’t want to lecture. We believe that the grays are more interesting than the blacks and whites. Everything we do is one step at the time, and we expect our customers to be able to do the same. In doing so, we can be a part of changing the industry, empowering all parts of the production line and creating a more even spread of resources and income.

The longer we work with designers who are honest and open about their production, the more we see that how we change things are all about one step at a time. We are searching the world for people with good intentions more than anything else, and building good relationships with them.

Our promise

Just Fashion is not at all just about offering style; it is about giving you a greater power and pride. We really do believe there is a new way of doing things, and we promise to stay curious and never stop mixing style with awareness. We do not believe in: either you are, or you are not, we rather believe everything has layers, and to uncover and change these layers, we have to accept situations that are not optimal.  We already know a lot about how we want to grow. Never losing our core. Building stones, knowledge and expertise within design, material knowledge and new ways of doing things within sustainability.